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Why Sweep a Chimney?

There are a number of reasons that you should sweep your chimney including:

Chimney Fires

It’s one of those things which we think will never happen to us – but it is not worth taking that risk as the damage can be detrimental.  As fuels are burned in the fireplace they give off gases and smoke that contain, amongst many other things, creosote. Creosote eventually builds up on the sides of the chimney and once present in sufficient amounts can catch fire and your house along with it.

Creosote deposits are highly combustible and are just waiting for a flame to ignite them. Simple things like burning those old bills and bank statements could set your chimney on fire as these items are light weight!  

If creosote is present on the sides of your chimney the net effect of a naked flame and creosote is a chimney fire – one which having regular cleaning can prevent.


As it is warm and safe in a Chimney, Birds, insects and squirrels like to make a home.  

As your chimney is a passage which dangerous fumes, gases and smoke take to exit your home so that they can be safely dispersed out into the atmosphere, if the passage becomes blocked or restricted in any way,  those dangerous gases cannot escape correctly and have only one place to go…back into your home!

The smell of smoke coming into your home from your fireplace is never a pleasant event and a sure sign that all is not well with your fire appliance or chimney.

However, it’s the gases coming from your fireplace that your nose can’t detect that are the most worrying.

Improving Performance

If you were to have your chimney swept at least once a year you will be helping your fuel to burn correctly and produce the heat it is capable of producing. Giving you more value for your money. You will also be prolonging the life of your chimney or liner and at the same time reducing the possibility of having a chimney fire.

Strange Odors

In the Summer months when fires are not used they can give off unpleasant smells because the difference between the air temperature and pressures inside and outside of the house.

The air from outside  gets drawn down your chimney and into your home. As the air proceeds the wrong way down your chimney it picks up the odors from the tar and creosote that may be present on the sides of the chimney and transmits those odors into your home. 

Having your chimney swept at the end of the burning season may help to reduce these unpleasant odors in the summer months.

Reducing Damage

Cosy warm fires are lovely, but when having open fires and using our chimneys, the tar and creosote overtime can damage your chimney flue or liner.  Combined with the water vapours it will literally eat through a stainless steel chimney liner and mortar.

Having your chimney or flue liner swept reduces build up of these chemical compounds and increases the life span of your chimney

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