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Chimney Pots, Cowls and Bird Guards


Shaun the Sweep can supply and install a range of Chimney Pots, Cowls and Bird Guards.

A new Chimney Pot may be required if the chimney does not currently have one or maybe the current one has cracked or even flaked away.

We can supply a range of sizes and we try our best to access the chimney stack from roof ladders to avoid the cost of expensive access equipment or scaffolding.

To prevent the most likely culprits of building a nest in your chimney – i.e. the jackdaws, rooks and squirrels – we can install Cowls and Bird Guards.  Please get in contact today to find out more.

 We do advise…

Never attempt to clear a nest from your chimney by lighting a fire. At best you will simply fill your home with smoke. At worst you could cause a chimney fire with subsequent damage to your home and perhaps your neighbour’s home as well.

There is only one safe way to clear a nest or other blockage from your chimney and that’s to have it removed properly and safely by a competent person with appropriate equipment and knowledge. Try explaining to your insurance company that you lit a fire to smoke out a bee hive or bird nest but it all went wrong and see their response!


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